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Student Withdraw

To withdraw a student from our District:

  1. In order to withdraw from school, students/parents are required to return school issued devices, such as iPads or Chromebooks. Prior to withdrawing from school students/parents should return their device to the school main office. The school office secretary will note the obligation is fulfilled.
  2. Contact the new school/district where you will be enrolling your student to obtain registration information. This should be done prior to withdrawal.
  3. EPASD must receive enrollment verification from the new school/district in order to officially withdraw students from EPASD.  This must be received in the Student Accounting Office in order for the withdraw from EPASD to be processed.
  4. Until your child is officially withdrawn from EPASD, compulsory attendance regulations apply.  If your child does not attend school, you will be subject to fines.  Title 24§13-1326, et seq.
Outstanding items such as Chromebooks, school books should be returned to the building the student attended. 
Any unreturned District owned items will result in an invoice being generated by the EPASD Business Office.