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We look forward to meeting the transportation needs for all students of East Pennsboro Area School District.
The East Pennsboro Area School District shall provide transportation for students as determined by the School Board. The building assignment shall be according to the legal residence of the parent or legal guardian and transportation shall be provided accordingly. Bus stop assignments will be mailed by mid-August to all students.
If an address change is a cause for a bus stop change, you must complete a residency change form and submit the form to Pupil Services prior to a transportation change taking place.  Please click on the link in the black box on the page titled "Change of Residence within EPASD." Please click here to access the form. Any questions regarding an address change, please contact Kathy Sudak at 717-732-3601.
East Pennsboro Area School District understands the need for changes in school bus stop locations. The District will try to accommodate these needs by providing services for changes due to but not limited to; babysitters, daycare, or split parent custody. Only one request for a transportation change shall be permitted each school year, other than a residence change. The change will be honored if the change is permanent, seating space is available, the new stop lies within the same building attendance area and no additional mileage is added to the bus route. This permanent change will be for transportation to and from the same location a.m. / or p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • The a.m. bus stop location does not have to be the same location as the p.m. bus stop location; however, the bus stop locations must be the same Monday through Friday. Bus stops cannot vary day to day or week to week.
  • Bus stop change requests will not be honored during the first week of school.
  • Bus stop change requests can take up to three (3) business days to process and notify all affected parties.