A very active and involved PTO makes available a variety of assembly programs for students at each grade level. In addition, the PTO has purchased equipment such as TVs, computers, digital cameras, die-cut supplies, projectors, and tape recorders for classroom use. The PTO also organizes special activities such as Family Skating Night, Family Dance Night, and a School Store throughout the school year.

A computer lab equipped with Windows software and printers is used for computer instruction as well as curricular activities, enrichment and remedial work. Computers with Internet access are located in nearly all classrooms and are used for a variety of word processing, research, remediation, and subject area applications.

Mathematics is taught through the use of colorful manipulatives so that children will understand the problem-solving process as well as develop computational skills.

All elementary students participate in the Hands-on-Science program, which focuses on active involvement and the use of scientific principles as a method of problem-solving. Everything students do either includes or is a direct result of a hands-on activity students have undertaken for themselves.

An Instructional Support Team and support teacher provide services at East Pennsboro Elementary School. The IST is designed to help teachers, parents, and students address academic and behavioral difficulties by implementing a variety of instructional techniques in a regular classroom setting.

Learning support programs and gifted support programs are offered to eligible students in inclusive, resource, part-time, and full-time special education settings based on each child’s degree of need. Each eligible student will have and Individualized Education Program (IEP) specifically designed to meet his/her varied educational goals.

Reading Recovery is an early intervention program for reading and writing. Students who are identified as being “at risk” because of poor classroom performance or below average reading and writing ability participate in intensive one-on-one instruction with a trained Reading Recovery teacher. When students are brought up to grade level, they return to their regular classroom reading groups.

A very successful community volunteer program serves the school by providing assistance for a variety of programs and activities. Opportunities are available for adults to tutor students, assist teachers, chaperone field trips, perform clerical duties, and share their talents and skills. Additional information about the EP Volunteer

Program is available through school office personnel. All interested persons are encouraged to inquire and participate.

A variety of other special offerings including Chorus, Knowledge Master Open, and K-Kids Club are available to Elementary students.