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Your child must be five years of age on or before August 31st 2022. No exceptions can be made for this policy. 

For information about the EPASD Kindergarten program please see Welcome Class of 2035 at the bottom of this page and click on view Kindergarten handbook.


East Pennsboro Area School District uses the Sapphire K-12 information system. This is an easy-to-use, secure online pre-registration for newly enrolling students (previous district students are considered new students when reenrolling with EPASD). The same online pre-registration form is used for grades K-12.

Submission of Registration documents for EPASD Grades K-12 is 100 % on-line.  If an in- person appointment is needed AFTER the online pre-registration is complete, email Kathy Sudak at [email protected] (Please click Documents required to complete enrollment on the right side of this page in black box for enrollment requirements) Once your online pre-registration is received, you will receive an email from Kathy Sudak (Student Accounting/Registration clerk) acknowledging receipt of the pre-registration and the next steps in the enrollment process.  

Who can register students Grades K-12:

The biological parent, adoptive parent (court paperwork needed), or court appointed guardian may enroll a student (court order signed and dated by judge).


How To Register students Grade K-12:

Complete and submit the online preregistration by clicking ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION link below. If you never registered a student with our District, create a New Account. An online pre-registration is required for each student if registering multiple students. Previously enrolled EPASD students are considered new students and the online pre-registration must be completed. TO RE-ENROLL a student/students, enter your email address and password at the Registration Log in page.


Once enrollment is complete, the parent/guardian will receive a Welcome email from Kathy Sudak([email protected]) containing contact information for enrolled school as well as Meet and Greet dates.

East Pennsboro Area School District has two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school within the District: 

East Pennsboro Elementary School (717) 732-0441 and West Creek Hills Elementary School (717) 732-0142. BOTH schools are grades K-5. School hours are 8:50 – 3:20 Monday through Friday. The elementary school the student attends is based on the street address within the District. 

East Pennsboro Area Middle School (grades 6-8) School hours are 8:00 - 2:55 Monday through Friday.

East Pennsboro Area High School (grades 9-12) hours are 7:30 - 2:30 Monday through Friday. 

TO BEGIN THE ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION PLEASE CLICK HERE    (Assistance with completion of the on-line pre-registration can be found by clicking orange Registration Resources button below--Parents Registration Reference Guide)


Welcome Class of 2035!


Please review our Kindergarten handbook.  It is a great tool with a lot of information about our program and tips for getting ready for that big step!

View the Kindergarten Handbook here.




A District computer is available in the Administration Center lobby for the completion of the Online Preregistration only. A separate scheduled appointment with the Student Accounting office will be needed to finalize student enrollment.

To withdraw a student from our District:

  1. Contact the new school/district where you will be enrolling your student to obtain registration information. This should be done prior to withdrawal.
  2. EPASD must receive enrollment verification from the new school/district in order to officially withdraw students from EPASD. This must be received in the Student Accounting Office in order for the withdraw from EPASD to be processed.
  3. Until your child is officially withdrawn from EPASD, compulsory attendance regulations apply.  If your child does not attend school, you will be subject to fines.  Title 24§13-1326, et seq.
No EPASD student information will be released to the new school until outstanding Chromebooks have been returned to the building the student was enrolled.   
Any unreturned District owned items  will result in an invoice being generated by the EPASD Business Office.