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Student Registration/Student Residency

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Kindergarten Registration for 2024-2025 is now open!

Please click on the 2024-2025 registration page to enroll your little Panther!!




Your child must be five years of age on or before August 31st 2024 for the 2024-2025 school year.

No exceptions are made for this policy.  East Pennsboro Area School District provides full day Kindergarten


For information about the EPASD Kindergarten program please scroll to the bottom of this page and click Kindergarten handbook.  The handbook provides information including Kindergarten curriculum, and daily schedule.


REGISTRATION PROCESS FOR ALL K-12 FAMILIES (includes reenrolling students)

East Pennsboro Area School District uses the Sapphire K-12 information system. This is an easy-to-use, secure online pre-registration for newly enrolling students (previous district students are considered new students when reenrolling with EPASD). The same online pre-registration form is used for grades K-12. If registering multiple students, an online pre-registration form must be completed for each student.  After reading through the enrollment requirements below, please scroll the bottom of the page to begin the online pre-registration.

  • Submission of Registration documents for EPASD Grades K-12 is 100 % on-line. 
  • If an in- person appointment is needed AFTER the online pre-registration is complete, email Kathy Sudak at [email protected]
  • If you do not have access to a computer, a district computer is available in the Administration Center lobby for the completion of the Online Preregistration.
  • A separate scheduled appointment with the Student Accounting/Registration office will be needed to finalize student enrollment.

Who can register students Grades K-12:

  1. The biological parent, adoptive parent (court paperwork and updated birth certificate),
  2. Court appointed guardian may enroll a student (court order signed and dated by judge).
  3. Notarized temporary guardianship documents are not considered court orders and require 1302 approval. ( please click on orange Registration Resources box at bottom of this page and see 1302).

                       Documents required to complete enrollment

  • Child's State Issued Birth Certificate -- English translation needed if possible.
  • Proof of Residency (TWO items on the table below are needed-- **Drivers license cannot be used for proof of residency, document envelopes are not accepted**) -- the person completing the online pre-registration must be the name of the person listed on two proof of residency   Please see Multiple Occupancy Affidavits section below if unable to provide proof of residency in parent/guardian/s name. 
Item Item Details
Renters' or Homeowners' Insurance Policy Declarations page with date, account number, and address
Mortgage Statement Within last three months name, date, account number, and address
Sewer/Trash or Utility Bill  Showing name, date, service address, and account number (within three months)
Check Stub from Wages, Public Assistance, or Social Security Within last three months, name and current home address
Payment or Liability of Payment of Recent Municipal and School District Tax Must contain name, date, account number, and address
Lease Must be the ENTIRE LEASE and last page must be signed and dated by Landlord AND Tenant ***All occupants must be listed; including children***
Deed (Sales agreement are not accepted) Must contain name, date and address
MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY AFFIDVITS—Below are the steps when Parents/Guardians want to enroll students in EPASD but reside with a friend or relative in the East Pennsboro Area School District AND cannot provide two proofs of residency in their name. The below process also details what is required of District Resident. 
    1. Multiple Occupancy Affidavit completion by Parent/Guardian along with submission of up to date photo id
    2. Multiple Occupancy Affidavit Owner/Leese completion by District resident along with two of the above acceptable documents for proof of residency along with their photo id with their Affidavit.
        • Both Affidavits must be notarized. The District provides notary services free of charge.  If an appointment is needed to have paperwork notarized, please email [email protected]
        • Obtain Multiple Occupancy paperwork on our District website Parents/Guardians>Student Accounting and Registration>Registration Resources>Multiple Occupancy. 
          • Multiple Occupancy residency must be renewed annually.
          • Renewal affidavit paperwork will be mailed to both Parent/Guardian and District Resident in early June.
            • Failure to provide Multiple Occupancy Renewal or updated proof of new District address may result in interruption to student education until required paperwork is received in the Student Accounting and Registration office.
  • Parent/Guardian’s Photo Identification:  A current, government issued identification card including a  photograph or signature with District address listed and a serial or identification number is required.  
        • Cannot accept expired photo documents.
        • Must have address change card from PENNDOT submitted along with photo id. This is a free online service through PENNDOT.
  • Immunizationsmust include name of Dr. office/clinic where shots received. 

    In order for enrollment K-6, all students must have their DTaP, Polio, Hep B, MMR, and Varicella vaccines. Students entering grades 7 or above must also have their Tdap and MCV vaccines. 

      • Please note that a student may be initially enrolled so long as they have the first does of each required vaccination. 

      •  If student has dose 1 each required shot, parent has 5 days from start of school to  provide school nurse with documentation with next appointment date to administer next doses avoid exclusion from school.  For more information, please see the chart below.

vac card 1vac card 2  
  • Name of school student most recently attended—needed to send records request to previous school (see Academic information on page 5 of online pre-registration)


How to begin on-line Pre-registration for students Grade K-12:

  • Complete and submit the online pre-registration by clicking ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION link below. If you never registered a student with our District, create a New Account. An online pre-registration is required for each student if registering multiple students. Previously enrolled EPASD students are considered new students and the online pre-registration must be completed. TO RE-ENROLL a student/students, enter your email address and password at the Registration Log in page.
  • A District computer is available in the Administration Center lobby for the completion of the Online Preregistration only. A separate scheduled appointment with the Student Accounting office will be needed to finalize student enrollment.


Please click on the 2023-2024 registration form to enroll your student for current 2023-2024 school year. 


 Kindergarten families registering for the 2024-2025 school year that begins August 21st 2024 click 2024-2025 school year to begin the on-line preregistration.  New Student registrations for Grades 1-12 cannot be submitted until after June 5th 2024.


Once the online preregistration is received, parent/guardian will one of the following emails:

  • Incomplete Registration email stating information is still needed to complete enrollment OR
  • Welcome email from Kathy Sudak; Student Registration Coordinator ([email protected]) that enrollment is complete.  This email also contains school information and what to expect next from the building/s where student/s have been enrolled.  This email also contains a Frequently Asked Questions section as well
PLEASE NOTE: All academic questions are handled directly at the  building/s
          • Student assessments
          • Teacher assignment
          • Student schedule set up
          • Special Education services

*** Check Spam if email not found in in-box****

East Pennsboro Area School District has two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school within the District: 

  • East Pennsboro Elementary School (717) 732-0441 840 Panther Parkway Enola Pa 17025
  • West Creek Hills Elementary School (717) 732-0142 400 Erford Road Camp Hill Pa 17011
    • School hours are 8:50 – 3:20 Monday through Friday. The elementary school the student attends is based on the street address within the District. Both elementary schools provide full day Kindergarten. 
  • East Pennsboro Area Middle School 6-8. (717) 732-0771 529 Panther Parkway Enola Pa 17025. School hours  Monday through Friday. 8-2:55
  • East Pennsboro Area High School 9-12 (717) 732-0723 425 Shady Lane Enola Pa 17025 School hours are 7:30 - 2:30 Monday through Friday. 


TO BEGIN THE ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION PLEASE CLICK HERE    (Assistance with completion of the on-line pre-registration can be found by clicking orange Registration Resources button below--Parents Registration Reference Guide). Questions can also be emailed to the Student Registration Coordinator at [email protected]


Welcome Class of 2037!


Please review our Kindergarten handbook.  It is a great tool with a lot of information about our program and tips for getting ready for that big step!




Fax: (717) 901-4680
A District computer is available in the Administration Center lobby for the completion of the Online Preregistration only. A separate scheduled appointment with the Student Accounting office will be needed to finalize student enrollment.

To withdraw a student from our District:

  1. Contact the new school/district where you will be enrolling your student to obtain registration information. This should be done prior to withdrawal.
  2. EPASD must receive enrollment verification from the new school/district in order to officially withdraw students from EPASD. This must be received in the Student Accounting Office in order for the withdraw from EPASD to be processed.
  3. Until your child is officially withdrawn from EPASD, compulsory attendance regulations apply.  If your child does not attend school, you will be subject to fines.  Title 24§13-1326, et seq.
No EPASD student information will be released to the new school until outstanding Chromebooks have been returned to the building the student was enrolled.   
Any unreturned District owned items  will result in an invoice being generated by the EPASD Business Office.