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Please use the information presented here to help you stay healthy and safe throughout the year. Check for updates and new links often, and please e-mail the school nurses if you have questions.



This is the time of the year when many viruses and germs are prevalent. Keeping your ill child at home is an important way to limit the spread of germs at school. Sometimes knowing when to keep your child at home is a difficult decision for parents. Unnecessary absences interfere with learning, time off from work can be a problem and childcare issues can be inconvenient, however, little learning takes place for the child when sent to school sick. Illnesses can be spread quickly in a classroom; classmates and staff are at risk for illness when a sick child is sent to school.

In the event of illness or injury during the school day, the student will be referred to the school nurse. The school nurse will assess the illness or injury and provide appropriate treatment. Should a student need to be excluded due to illness or be referred to a higher level of care, the school nurse will contact the parent/guardian.


 At the time of registration and at the beginning of each school year, the parent/guardian is requested to fill out The Annual Health Update in Sapphire. The parent/guardian is required to furnish the school with at least one telephone number where the parent/guardian can be contacted during the school day. 


We cannot keep an ill child in school. Please do not send your child to school when ill. This request is made to:

  • Protect the student because he/she is more susceptible to secondary illness
  • Protect other students from possible communicable disease


  • Prescription medication may be administered only at the written request of the child’s physician.
  • Medications MUST BE in the original prescription bottle and kept by the school nurse.
  • NO medications in envelopes, foil, or baggies will be accepted. Medication must be transported to and from school by an adult.
  • Children will not be allowed to carry medications.
  • Inhalers that are prescribed to be carried by a student must be accompanied by a physician’s note indicating the competency of self-administration by the student as well as the order for the student to carry their inhaler with them.


Health Resources - Local Clinics

Area Health Clinics


The following centers offer low-cost or free health care and immunizations:

Cumberland County State Health Center
431 East North Street, Carlisle, PA
Phone: 717-243-5151
Fax: 717-243-3171

Hamilton Health Center/Dental Center
110 S. 17th Street, Harrisburg, PA
Main Phone: 717-232-9971
Appointment Line: 717-230-3958