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Private School Enrollment


As a resident of the East Pennsboro Area School District, your student is entitled to receive transportation to private school within ten miles from the district boundaries. The district needs some important information on file in order to provide transportation for each student. Transportation cannot be enacted or continued until this information is provided. The purposes of gathering this information are to safely and efficiently provide this service to those resident students who are entitled to receive transportation.  Please see below for the Private School Requirements and submit them to the Kim Wood at [email protected] to enroll for transportation

Private School Requirements

Please complete the private school student form using the link below and submit it along with an acceptable document to prove residency to Kim Wood at [email protected]   

View Private School Enrollment Form

  • Acceptable Documents to Prove Residency in East Pennsboro Area School District:
    The following two documents are the only acceptable means of proving residency. These documents
    must be current and include the homeowner’s / lessee’s name and address, date and account number

    • Deed
    • Lease (signed by landlord and tenant)-- must be within current 12 month period
    • Renters’ or Homeowners’ Insurance Policy (declarations page) -- within current 12 month period
    • Mortgage Statement (within three months)
    • Sewer/Trash or Utility Bill which shows a service address and account number (within three months)
    • Check stub from wages, public assistance, or social security (within three months)
    • Payment or liability of payment of recent municipal and school district taxes
  • Parent/Guardian’s Photo Identification:  A current, government issued identification card including a  photograph or signature with District address listed and a serial or identification number is required.  
      • Cannot accept expired photo documents.
        • Must have address change card from PENNDOT submitted along with photo id. This is a free online service through PENNDOT.
  • Bus stop assignment; Transportation will begin within three business days after the request is processed (except during the summer months-- busing set up second week of August).  Please note once student enrolled, Only the Transportation office will notify families of bus assignment including bus stop pick up location as well as drop- off time and location.  Any questions regarding transportation information must be directed to the Transportation office (717) 732-3601 ext 5308.