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Notice:  The Alumni Association’s physical office will be closing permanently on 12/23/2020.  Please send all correspondence to P.O. Box 87, Enola, PA 17025.  



An Alumni Association is an organization formed by alumni and attendees of a school, university, or college for the development of civic and social interests, to advance the camaraderie of its members and promote programs in support of the educational institutions and its students.

The Enola/East Pennsboro Alumni Association (EEPAA) invites all alumni and those who attended Enola and East Pennsboro High Schools to join as active members. Faculty members and other interested individuals are invited to become Associate members. The Association is managed and governed by a fifteen-member Executive Board.

The activities promoted by the Board include the publication of a yearly newsletter in March, the annual Oldies but Goodies Luncheon in May for association alumni of fifty years or more, an annual Dinner Meeting, the second Tuesday in September, and an “all Class Reunion” held every four years, which always attracts Enola/East Penn Alumni from across the country.

The Association maintains an alumni computer database with names and known addresses of more than 11,700 alumni. It also plans theater and dinner parties and other projects to help defray operating expenses and manages a gift fund to benefit the district’s schools and students. EEPAA also supports various township activities including the library and the East Pennsboro Education Foundation.

A Brief History of The Association


Enola High School Alumni organizations existed before 1987, but the interest in their activities waned. The number of times the Alumni organized and reorganized cannot be determined.

It is known that an active association was in existence in the early 1930s when Myers Knight ’27 was elected president. During this period, when a decision was made to discontinue activities, $1,500 was in the treasury. The money was given to the Enola High School for a trophy case.

The current association came into being after a reunion of all the classes of Enola High School. It was held in the Penn Harris Motor Lodge on October 17, 1987, with nearly 1,000 alumni and guests in attendance.

A committee was selected to prepare bylaws and form a ballot to elect an Executive Board. The committee members were Betty Bloser ’38, Marlin Woodward ’40, Ethel Minnich ’33, and Gloria Stites ’43. The election was held on September 13, 1988, the Association’s Founding Date.

A fifteen-member Executive Board selected Gloria Stites ’43 president for many years. Board member Herbert Kruger ’53 generously provided his computer skills by establishing our database. All of our graduating classes are requested to establish a class representative for the Alumni Association. The Enola/East Pennsboro Alumni Association is available to assist their class reunion committees in planning for reunions or other special events.

The success of the Alumni is the result of the work of hundreds of our alumni.

The Association encourages recent alumni to join and keep the organization alive and growing.

Lifetime membership is only $10–with no yearly dues

Support for Schools and Community


The Alumni Association’s first donation ($1,500) was made in August 1994. It was used for furniture in the elementary library.

Other projects were in support of the High School Music Department, a trophy case, sound system, boys basketball, Imagination Station, Academic Hall of Fame, book for the elementary schools, Summer Enrichment Program for Elementary Students, and the Athletic and Band Boosters.

The Alumni also contributed over $14,000 to the East Pennsboro Education Foundation and $750 (1998) and $1,052 (2009) for new outfits for the High School’s Panther mascot.

Since 1988, the Association has given more than $25,000 in support of our schools and community.



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E/EP Alumni Association

P.O. Box 87

Enola, PA 17025

[email protected] 

Alumni Board of Directors

Wayne Yost (1958) – President

Jane Fissel (1966) – Vice President

Carole Fissel Flurie (1969) – Treasurer 

Lori Gross Plumley (1975) – Secretary

Sharon Penn Fissel (1967) – Newsletter

Deb Stambaugh Fortunato (1968)

Kimberly Shiley Grundon (1977)

Mona Horst Kreitzer (1970)

Dina Gingrich Markely (1964)

Ken Mundis (1971)

Jamie Penn (1973)

Scott Rhoads (1975)

Jeff Smith (1960)

Jean Stuckey (1971)