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Bus/Van Riding Conduct

Proper student conduct on school buses is essential to the health and safety of all students.  Any pupils involved in an act of misconduct that is detrimental to the health or safety of other pupils, bus driver, vehicle, or person(s) outside the vehicle shall have their riding privilege suspended or removed permanently. Please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for specific penalties with respect to school bus misconduct.  Should a student lose the privilege, it becomes the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide transportation.

All students who ride the school bus shall, in addition to complying with all rules in the Code of Student Conduct, comply with the following rules:

  1. Pupils must be loaded and unloaded only at school loading stations and designated bus stops approved by the school board.
  2. Pupils should proceed quickly and in an orderly fashion when boarding /disembarking the bus.
  3. Pupils must maintain an acceptable level of noise and refrain from singing, shouting, or cheering so as not to distract the driver.
  4. Pupils must remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  5. Pupils must not extend arms or other body parts out the windows.
  6. Pupils must not throw objects inside the bus or out the window.
  7. The aisle must be kept clear; books and other belongings should be held by the students or properly stored out of the way.
  8. Pupils must be on time at bus stop locations at home and school.
  9. Pupils must remain in the proper waiting areas at the bus stops and may not play or loiter in roadways when waiting for the bus.
  10. Pupils must respect private property.  They may not trespass, loiter, play on or damage private property.
  11. Pupils are not permitted to leave the bus except at their regularly assigned stops unless they have written permission from a school administrator.
  12. After arriving at school either by school bus or by private transportation, students must remain on school property until dismissed.  Pupils may ride only their assigned bus.
  13. Pupils may not eat, drink or chew gum on the bus.  They must help keep the bus neat and clean.
  14. Pupils must follow all instructions issued by the bus driver.

For bus stops, schedules, or any transportation questions, call 717-732-3601, ext 8854 or 8855.