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IXL for Parents & Guardians

Welcome to IXL!

IXL is personalized learning. And, we provide a personal touch to help you get started! IXL is meant to be a breeze to use, and should you have any questions or need for assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact us anytime at 855-255-8800 or [email protected] and we’ll be delighted to help.
Meanwhile, we’ve attached some material you should find useful. This packet includes background information about IXL and our product’s four key components: curriculum, the Continuous Diagnostic, personalized guidance, and Analytics. You’ll also find a handy 1-2-3 guide to getting your teachers and students activated and engaged. Finally, we’ve added a selection of case studies, along with a few details about our latest analytics features for school and district leaders.
We’re looking forward to partnering together for a great year!
The IXL Team

See below to access and get started with your IXL account through Clever (once the 2024-2025 school year starts).

IXL:  Links to info for parents and guardians


LINKS To Videos

Getting Started With Your Child’s IXL School Account 

IXL Video Tutorials (Math and Reading)

IXL video tutorials for math and ELA

LINKS To Web Pages and Documents

IXL Family Learning Hub

*Do not click “Join Now”.  That is a paid service.  This webpage has a lot of free information that will help you better understand the program and ways in which you can support your child.

*Do not use the recommended IXL website to access your student’s account.  Please access his / her account through EPASD’s Clever portal.

IXL Help Center For Parents / Guardians 

IXL Parent / Guardian Handout

Is there a parent report for IXL?

If you are a student or parent, there are reports available for you too! Click on Analytics to easily access usage details, trouble spots, question logs, and progress reports.

IXL User Guides 

IXL Games