Sapphire Update

Good morning Panther Families!


The student and parent web portal that we utilize, Sapphire, is currently undergoing system updates to a new, PIN-less Community Web Portal.  Sapphire has yet to release an exact conversion date, but we will be sending a follow-up communication once the new system has been released.

To prepare our parents/guardians for this change, we wanted to distribute a step-by-step preview as to what you will experience when you log into the new system for the first time:

  1. Parents/guardians will log in to Sapphire with their existing username, password and PIN
  2. Parents/guardians will be prompted to enter a username.  This can be your existing username or you can select a new username.  If the username selected is already in use, you will be required to choose another username.
  3. Parents/guardians will be prompted to enter and confirm new password (required).
  4. Your PIN will no longer be required.

Due to updated security in Sapphire, District staff is unable to complete this process for parents/guardians.

Should a parent/guardian need help at any point while using Sapphire, the Help Center login screens will be visible on the main page when you log into the new system.

Since the only timeline information Sapphire has released is that this switch will occur this summer, we will be sending an additional communication with updated information to all of our District families once the Sapphire conversion has gone into effect.  In that email, we will review the information provided above. 

In addition, we are planning for all of our yearly required forms to be released in conjunction with our next Sapphire communication.  We will provide any additional instructions needed to access these forms in the updated Sapphire system.


Thank you,

EPASD Administration