West Creek Hills Families:

It is a great honor and privilege to join the West Creek Hills family as your new principal. I want to take the opportunity to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year, one that promises to be filled with lots of joy, learning, and creativity. As your principal, it is my sincere pleasure to work with our dedicated staff and community to help provide an excellent educational experience for all students. We are committed to ensuring that your children receive the best supports to learn and grow. 

Families, teachers, support staff, community members, and administration all play a part in helping our students develop academically, socially, and emotionally. Together, we can make a positive difference.  A strong partnership between home and school fosters greater success for our children. We welcome and encourage parental involvement through our PTO and volunteer opportunities within the classroom. Please contact your child’s teacher or main office for more information. 

As I begin my leadership journey at West Creek Hills, I am committed to building positive and productive relationships with students, staff, parents, and the community. As such, I will be meeting with over 100 stakeholders inclusive of staff, students, parents and community members to gain a better understanding of West Creek Hills and the greater East Pennsboro Community. Additionally, various events will be scheduled throughout the year including meet and greets and coffee klatches to provide an opportunity for informal dialogue to share questions, concerns, or suggestions. 

I am excited for the opportunity to work with you and your child to provide a safe and productive learning environment. I encourage you to stop in, call, or e-mail at anytime. I wish your family, and especially your student, great success this school year.


Scott E. Shapiro