District Goals

East Pennsboro Area School District 2019-2020 District Goals

Goal 1 Prepare future-ready children.
Goal 2 Begin 2019-22 Comprehensive Plan implementation (Focus on Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Developing the Whole Child).
Goal 3 Implement new English Language Arts Materials (K-5th Grade) and provide related professional development.
Goal 4 Conduct mathematics program quality assessment for alignment with best practices and PA Core Standards, and recommend new mathematics materials (K-8th Grade).
Goal 5 Prepare for re-alignment of fifth grade to elementary schools

for 2020-2021.

Goal 6 Prepare for Navy JROTC Program implementation for the 2020-2021 school year.
Goal 7 Continue facilities renovation construction project.
Goal 8 Conduct quality review of instructional technology integration and provide related embedded professional development (K-12th Grade).