Chromebook Return Policy

Please note that our Chromebook return policy has changed. Beginning this year, we will collect district-issued Chromebooks from students in grades five through 12 during the last week of school. This approach will allow us to prepare student technology implementation for the 2019-2020 academic year. If your student has an AP class or is required to complete summer work, please communicate that to your student’s building, and we will make the proper accommodations.

The collections will take place according to the following schedule. Building principals will announce the specific collection times during each school day.

  • June 3 – High School (All Grades)
  • June 4 – Middle School (All Grades)
  • June 5 – High School – Last Opportunity for Seniors (old gym)
  • June 6 – High School – Last Opportunity for Underclassmen (old gym)

For your student to satisfy the turn-in requirement, they must provide the following two items:

  1. The Chromebook that was originally issued to them or district-provided replacement Chromebook.
  2. AC adapter/charger

There will be no charge for damaged Chromebooks or chargers.

Fees will be assessed for the following missing items:

  • Missing AC adapter – $35
  • Missing Chromebook – $250

Please direct any specific questions to Bruce Gordon, Technology Director (