The High School Counseling Department is designed to provide valuable resources for students and parents regarding academic success, personal/social wellness, and information about college and career readiness.

Please explore this section of our site and use what you find freely.  Don’t be afraid to contact our office if you still have questions!

At the East Pennsboro Area High School, all students have access to a school counselor, a developmental specialist who works with students to develop personalized academic and career plans over the course of their high school experience.  In addition, school counselors provide personal/emotional/social support for students as they navigate the ebbs and flows of teenage life.

The three key areas that school counselors work with students are:

  • Academic Development and Support
  • Personal/Social Development and Support
  • College and Career Development and Support

Students meet with school counselors for all kinds of reasons!  Questions about college and the kinds of jobs that are in demand, concerns about depression and/or anxiety, annoyances with peers…the most important thing to remember is that the VAST majority of appointments we have with students involve normal, teenage questions and difficulties.

That means if you’re feeling some sort of way, chances are YOU AREN’T ALONE!

If you’re not sure where to go for help, the Counseling Office is always a good first step!  If we don’t have the answer for you, we have resources and connections to other supports that can help you solve whatever question or challenge you’re experiencing.

To meet with your school counselor, stop down and sign up to see us OR send us an email requesting an appointment!  We have thousands of appointments each school year!

How can the Counseling Department help me online?

Upcoming Events & Announcements

With so many deadlines and college representative visits, this site will help you stay on track with important dates and events. All SAT/ACT dates and registration deadlines will be displayed, as well as important School Counseling Department events.

College Planning Information

We have lots of information about college planning and the college application process as well links to other valuable online resources.

Transcript Request

We can explain the transcript process and the website Parchment, which EPAHS uses to send academic records to colleges and universities electronically.


We can explain basic information about scholarships and financial aid. We update scholarship information regularly, so please check back frequently for new opportunities!

Course Selection Guide

Grading Scale

Grade Point Average (GPA) is reported on a 100 point scale, corresponding to the following letter grades:

  • Percentages of 93 thru 100 translate to a letter grade of A (3.6 – 4.0 GPA).
  • Percentages of 85 thru 92 translate to a letter grade of B (2.6 – 3.5 GPA).
  • Percentages of 77 thru 84 translate to a letter grade of C (1.6 – 2.5 GPA).
  • Percentages of 70 thru 76 translate to a letter grade of D (.8 – 1.5 GPA).
  • Percentages below 70 translate to a letter grade of F (less than .7 GPA).

* Note that GPA on a 4.0 scale is estimated. Colleges/universities will convert your GPA if necessary.

All students receive six report cards a year (one every six weeks), which serve as a tool for communication between the school and the home regarding a student’s progress. Report cards can be used by students and parents to make adjustments to academic habits throughout the year. It is highly recommended that students and parents discuss academic progress together and that they contact the school with any questions or concerns.

School Counseling Office

Last Names A-F: Hillary Nimtz

Last Names G-O: Christina Zeller

Last Names P-Z: Adam Oldham

Counseling Office Secretary: Christy Lohnes



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Financial Aid Information

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