ENOLA, PA – Four Diamonds Mini-THON® recognized East Pennsboro Area High School at the 2018 Mini-THON Leadership Summit on August 3 in Hershey, Pa., for achievement in Excellence in Faculty Participation. Awards are given to schools who excel in their local Mini-THON through areas including social media engagement, faculty participation and fundraising. East Pennsboro Area High School joined more than 1,000 student leaders and advisors at the annual Leadership Summit to share best practices, celebrate successes and inspire each other to continue the fight to conquer childhood cancer.


Mini-THONs are modeled after the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, or THONTM, the world’s largest student-run philanthropy. Since 1993, Mini-THON has raised more than $36 million to support families fighting childhood cancer. Dollars raised support the discovery of new and improved treatments for childhood cancer by funding the work of more than 80 pediatric cancer research team members at Penn State College of Medicine.  It also ensures that the families of all children treated for cancer at Penn State Children’s Hospital have no out-of-pocket costs.


More than 100,000 student volunteers in 283 schools across several states teamed up to raise $7,036,560.82 to fight childhood cancer through Four Diamonds Mini-THON s during the 2017-2018 school year, a nearly $600,000 increase over the previous year. This is EPAHS’s fourth year participating in Mini-THON, and their student body, in collaboration with the community, has raised over $135,000 for the fight against pediatric cancer. The entire school is involved in this annual event. Students and faculty alike work diligently throughout the school year on events such as dodgeball tournaments, pep rallies, floor hockey tournaments, car washes, a hair cutting ceremony, a Mr. EP Pageant, and this past year hosted a Steelers Basketball game to name a few. This event would not be successful without the vital roles of our faculty advisors and student leaders.


Jeff Barlup
Todd Stuter
Dan Peck
Chris Skaugen
Aaron Leota
Todd Baldwin
Matt Keys
Brent Cashman
Rhett Baker
Justin Bolton
Brad Schreiber
Nick Plank

Teacher volunteers
Tracey Yohn
Megan Keen
Jennie Stouffer
Leslie Shurock
Carrie Lewis
Melissa Jones
Katie Rozman
Chrissy Baldwin
Jana Murray
Jen Wolfe
Hillary Nimtz
Christina Zeller
Stacy Keys
Barb Hawk

For more information visit www.FourDiamonds.org.



East Pennsboro Area High School honored for success through Four Diamonds Mini-THON®