Change of Residence & Withdrawls

If your student has recently moved but remains a resident of East Pennsboro Area School District, please use the following guidelines to help make a smooth transition.  It is required for each student’s record to contain accurate residency information.

Please be aware that transportation will not be updated until the change of residence process has been completed.  Transportation will begin within three school days after the request is processed.  After completion of the change of residence process, your student’s updated transportation assignment will be posted to his/her Sapphire Community Web Portal.

Please print and complete the Change of Residence Form and submit along with an acceptable document to prove residency for the new address and a copy of the photo identification for the parent who is requesting the change of residence.  These items must be submitted to the Student Accounting Office.  Please complete separate paperwork for each student.  You are not required to attend an appointment in person to update your student’s residence.  Your paperwork will be processed once received in the Student Accounting Office, located at the District Administration Center.  If further information is needed after receipt of your paperwork, you will be contacted by EPASD.

Change of Residence Requirements

Acceptable Documents to Prove Residency in East Pennsboro Area School District:
The following documents are acceptable means of proving residency. Any of these documents
must be current and include the homeowner’s / lessee’s name and address.

  • Deed
  • Lease (signed by landlord and tenant)
  • Renters’ or Homeowners’ Insurance Policy (declarations page)
  • Mortgage Statement (within three months)
  • Sewer/Trash or Utility Bill which shows a service address (within three months)
  • Check stub from wages, public assistance or social security (within three months
  • Payment or liability of payment of recent municipal and school district taxes

If the natural parent or guardian who is present at the enrollment appointment or who is changing a student’s address is not named on the acceptable document to prove residency provided, the parent/guardian and the homeowner / lessee will need to complete additional notarized forms to complete the enrollment or change of residence. The Multiple Occupancy Affidavits can be found in “Resources” section of the Student Accounting Page.

Student Withdrawal

  • For students to be withdrawn from East Pennsboro Area School District, the school district in which the student is being enrolled must send a request for records with the student’s enrollment date to Kathy Sudak (, fax 717-901-4680).  Once the request for records is received from the new school district, then withdraw from EPASD can be processed.  Parents/Guardians will still receive attendance calls, school information notices, etc. until the records request is received and withdraw complete.  Whenever possible, students should still continue to attend school in our district until enrollment is completed with the new district.  Any outstanding items such as Chromebooks, school books will result in an invoice being generated by the EPASD Business Office.



Kathy Sudak

Student Accounting Clerk