Student Accounting & Registration

Will your child be 5 on or before August 31st? If so, beginning January 19th 2021, online registration will open for the 2021-2022 school year!East Pennsboro Area School District uses the Sapphire K-12 information system. This is an easy to use, secure online registration system for new student registrations.

On our District website please scroll to the Sapphire Icon and click. Then please click on the Community Portal picture. On the right side of the form please click on: Register a new student with the District. You will have the option to either Create a New Account or Confirm My Email Address if you have already enrolled older students with our District. Please make sure you are clicking on the registration form for the 2021-2022 school year.

East Pennsboro Area School District has two elementary schools within the District; East Pennsboro Elementary School and West Creek Hills Elementary school. Each school is K-5. School hours are 8:50 – 3:20 Monday through Friday. The elementary school the student attends is based on street address within the District.

Registration is being conducted virtually this year. In an attempt to stream line our registration process you will now have the ability to attach the needed registration documents to your online registration. Once your on-line registration is received, you will receive an email from Kathy Sudak {Student Accounting/Registration clerk) acknowledging receipt of the registration. You will be advised if it is necessary to attend an in-person registration meeting and /or the next steps needed to complete the process.

Please note that the login to access student information in the Community Web Portal (CWP) for students after they have been enrolled is not the same login to register a new student.  The CWP account requires a username, password and PIN.


If you have used the Sapphire online system to enroll student(s), but you have forgotten your login information, please proceed to the Sapphire Registration Login and choose “Forgot Password?” for assistance.



Welcome Class of 2034!

Please review our Kindergarten handbook.  It is a great tool with a lot of information about our program and tips for getting ready for that big step!

View the Kindergarten Handbook here.



Kathy Sudak

Student Accounting Clerk


Online Registration for Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year opens January 19, 2021.


Kiosk Appointment
Kiosk appointments are for the purpose of completing the online pre-registration. A separate appointment with the Student Accounting office will be needed to finalize student enrollment.
Student Withdrawal

For students to be withdrawn from East Pennsboro Area School District, the school district in which the student is being enrolled must send a request for records with the student’s enrollment date to Kathy Sudak (, fax 717-901-4680).  Once the request for records is received from the new school district, then withdraw from EPASD can be processed.  Parents/Guardians will still receive attendance calls, school information notices, etc. until the records request is received and withdraw complete.  Whenever possible, students should still continue to attend school in our district until enrollment is completed with the new district.  Any outstanding items such as Chromebooks, school books will result in an invoice being generated by the EPASD Business Office.

For sports registration information, please visit