STAR Program

East Pennsboro Area School District’s Students at Risk in Education: Child Study Program



  • Each Building has a STAR: Child Study Team
  • Each STAR team meets bi-weekly
  • The Student Services Specialist Chairs the STAR team meetings


  • Any staff member, student, or parent can make a referral to the STAR team by completing a STAR Referral Form
  • All referral forms are given to the Student Services Specialist

STAR Team Meetings:

  • At STAR team meetings, all referrals are reviewed by the team
    • The referral is given a number for tracking purposes
    • An action plan is developed
    • A Case Manager is assigned to the referral
    • Each member of the team who has a step in the action plan gets a copy of the action plan
    • Teachers are given feedback on the status of the referral by the case manager
  • The first portion of the STAR Team meeting is spent on new referrals
  • The last portion of the STAR Team meeting is spent reviewing action plan progress of current referrals