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In Pennsylvania, all children age eight (8) through seventeen (17) are legally required to attend school. Pursuant
to School Code Section 13-1329 a student may be temporarily excused from school if they are prevented from
attending for “any mental, physical or other urgent reasons.” The School Code states “the term „urgent reasons‟
shall be strictly construed and shall not permit irregular attendance.” Under State Regulation, 22 PA Code
§11.34(a) (excusals from attendance for other than temporary reasons), school districts may allow their own
physicians and school psychologists to approve such requests. The regulations state:

“A school district may excuse a school age child from compulsory school attendance upon recommendation of the
school physician and a psychiatrist or public school psychologist, or both, with the approval of the Secretary. The
excusal, which shall be reevaluated every 3 months, may be extended upon the recommendation of the school
physician and with the approval of the Secretary. Children so excused shall be entered on the inactive roll.”

It is the policy of the East Pennsboro Area School District to accept valid recommendations of private, treating
physicians where such recommendations confirm the existence of a condition that prevents a child from
attending and benefiting from school. While recommendations must be re-evaluated every three (3) months, it
shall be the policy of the East Pennsboro Area School District to request re-evaluation or renewal of
homebound excuses no less than every forty-five (45) calendar days.

If the school district has any questions, concerns, or needs additional information about a recommendation, it
may seek HIPAA-compliant parental consent for the verbal or written exchange of educationally relevant
information with a treating physician. It is helpful for a doctor‟s office to also obtain parental consent to permit
verbal exchange of needed information. Only educationally relevant information should be shared.

It is important for a recommending physician to know if a student is identified as eligible for special education
programming. It is not appropriate to excuse a child from school if presenting problems can be addressed
through the modification of the student‟s school program to accommodate the illness or disability or through
special education programming. To this end, it is essential that treating physicians, psychiatrists, counselors,
parents/guardians and the school district communicate openly about a child‟s needs. If the East Pennsboro Area
School District receives a request for a homebound excuse for a child who may have a disability, it may seek
parental consent to receive written or verbal recommendations from outside providers. Any educationally
relevant written recommendations provided by an outside provider will be reviewed by the school district; such
input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please contact your child’s Principal with any questions or