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Board Vice President: Leslie Marshall

Mrs. Leslie Marshall has two children who just started their “educational careers” in the EP school district and wants to be more involved with the school because it will be a part of her family’s life for the next 12 years. She also sees this as an opportunity to give back and support the district that will provide her children’s education. Leslie has two children in the district, her daughter, Hailey, and her son, Evan.

Leslie believes community support and engagement sets EPASD apart from surrounding districts. The educators, administrators, parents, and volunteers truly care about the students and the district and work together to achieve success. She looks forward to serving on any committee where her background can offer assistance.

As a parent, Leslie has been a classroom volunteer and field trip chaperone, but formally this is her first opportunity to be involved with the school district and is very much looking forward to serving in any capacity to assist the district to achieve its goals. Mrs. Marshall has a diverse background as a consultant, law clerk, network office supervision, and compliance.

Mrs. Marshall wants to do everything in her power to see our school district be successful. Her inspiration and motivation are not only her children but all of those in the district that she serves.  The School Board has the ability to give students the best education possible and set them up for all of their future successes in life.  She is very excited to have the opportunity to serve on the school board and be a part of this amazing school district. Leslie believes that with the new administrative leadership team, the district will thrive and achieve new levels of success.  She is happy to be able to support the staff, teachers, and administrators as they work so hard for the benefit of our children and community.