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Guidelines for Outdoor Recess

As the seasons change, please plan for outdoor recess by having your child wear a warm coat, hat and gloves. Clearly label your child's clothing with his/her name.
We will use the following guidelines to determine indoor/outdoor recess:   
*20 degrees or below - Indoor Recess
*21-32 degrees - Gloves and hats to go outside
*33-50 degrees - Coat and long pants
*50-60 degrees - Long pants/sweatshirt or jacket suggested
Here is how we will know the "actual" temperature outside EPE:
      1.  Go to (The Weather Channel)
      2.  Enter zip code (17025) in the search box
      3.  Press Enter
      4.  Underneath the large temperature reading is the "Feels Like" temperature.  This is the temperature that we will use to
            guide our decision for recess.