1. Child's Original State Issued Birth Certificate
    2. Parent's/Guardian's Photo Identification: The form of identification that you provide must be current, government issued identification card including a photograph or signature and a serial or identification number.
    3. Proof of Residency in East Pennsboro Area School District:  The following documents are acceptable means of providing residency.  Any of these documents must be current and include the homeowner's / lessee's name and address.
      • Deed or Lease (signed by landlord and tenant)
      • Renters' or Homeowners' Insurance Policy (declarations page)
      • Mortgage Statement (within three months)
      • Sewer/Trash or Utility Bill which shows a service address (within three months)
      • Check stub from wages, public assistance or social security (within three months)
      • Payment or liability of payment of recent municipal and school district taxes
    4. Record of Immunizations:  A current document with immunization administration dates must be submitted for your child's school enrollment.  This document must include that student's name and date of birth.
    5. Contact information: Please bring current address and telephone number for parent(s) and any other emergency contacts for your child.
    6. Court Order for Custody: if applicable, please bring to your child's registration appointment.

    If you do not have all of the required documents when you arrive, you will be required to reschedule your appointment.

    Please be aware that all registrations must be completed by a natural parent or court-appointed guardian.
    If a student is residing with an East Pennsboro Area School District resident who is not the natural parent or court appointed guardian, that resident must apply for an affidavit of admission of the student's behalf prior to enrolling the student.  This process involves completion and approval of a sworn statement of residency by each adult member of the household.  The Superintendent or designee may require a resident to submit additional information to substantiate a sworn statement, in accordance with guidelines under 24 PS § 13-1302 issued by the Department of Education.  This is a process that must be completed annually to continue the student's enrollment in East Pennsboro Area School District.  Any student attempting to be enrolled in East Pennsboro Area School District through the affidavit of admission process should not be withdrawn from their present school district until formal notification of approval is received from the office of the Assistant Superintendent of East Pennsboro Area School District.  This process may take up to two weeks to complete.

    For students who are not entering school for the first time, we also request that you bring the following items to assist in making a smooth transition to your child's new school:

    • Transcript and/or report card
    • IEP, GIEP or 504 Accommodations: If your child receives special education services or other health related accommodations, it is helpful for you to provide his/her most recent reports relevant to his/her education.  This information will be reviewed prior to enrollment by our Special Education Office in order to determine the appropriate placement for your child.

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Last Modified on April 1, 2015