• There are six marking periods each consisting of thirty days during the school year. Students are graded on a percentage basis. In addition to the numerical grade, teachers may provide comments regarding student citizenship and effort. Conferences with teachers are scheduled at the end of the first marking period. The grading system is as follows:

    93-100% Outstanding

    85-92% Good

    77-84% Satisfactory

    70-76% Needs Improvement

    Below 70% Failing

    Academic Honors programs and awards include 95% certificates, academic excellence awards for obtaining honor roll five of the six marking periods, Junior National Honor Society, and Principal Awards.
    E-grading is now available for parents to access their child's grades at EPMS.   Parents must come to the Middle School office and present identification in order to complete the e-grading form, which will be good for the duration of the child's EPASD education.  Registrations are accepted any time the Middle School office is open, during Back to School Night on September 22nd, and during Parent Teacher Conferences in November.