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2016-2017 ImPACT Testing (Concussion Info)
ImPACT is a baseline screening program for concussions and head injuries.  All East Pennsboro student-athletes are required to take the ImPACT Test once in middle school and once in high school.  There is no fee for this service!  More testing may be required if there is an injury.  Students who are transitioning into high school from middle school will also need to take the ImPACT Test, as well as any new student to East Pennsboro Area School District.  Letter from the Athletic Trainer about ImPACT Testing


ImPACT Test Instructions for EPASD Student-Athletes

ImPACT testing typically takes between 45 and 60-minutes to complete.  The test should be administered in a quiet environment with no distractions such as noise, or interruptions, to ensure the best performance.  In addition, before taking the test, please make sure you are well-rested, well-hydrated, and as comfortable and alert as possible.



Step 1:  Go to

Step 2:  Go to Services, Concussion Management

Step 3:  Scroll down to Baseline Testing: Getting Started 
Step 4:  Select East Pennsboro Area School District
Step 5:
  Enter the password when prompted. The password is panther
Step 6:  Click Launch Baseline Test
Step 7:
  Enter the Customer ID code when prompted. The customer ID code is F9B5D5E8D1

Step 8:  Follow the instructions to complete the test.


**Please Note:  You will not receive a final score at the end of the test.  Your baseline information will be stored for future reference, should a concussion occur.  Thank you.
Last Modified on April 8, 2016