• Goals:

    1. To provide opportunities for parents and the community to become more knowledgeable about the district, it’s goals and priorities and initiatives.

    2. To provide opportunity for Key Communicators to share information, seek input and receive advice on education issues in the community.

    3.  To provide opportunity for input on district programs and future initiatives.

    4. To establish and maintain effective communications with parents and the community.



    1. To become better informed about public education in the East Pennsboro Area School District by participating in community engagement sessions held throughout the year and by reading materials circulated to Keys during the school year.

    2. The recipients are expected to share information with their colleagues and neighbors and offer feedback to district administrators. If participants’ only involvement is to hear district information, then the full benefits of the communication are halted.

    3.  To refer parents to the most appropriate contacts(s) within the district in response to their individual needs for information or to resolve concerns.