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    The Library's Schoolyear Extra Credit Reading Program:
             This program is managed by the Library staff during the school year.  We provide quizzes for over 300 titles available in our Library.  There are books for 5th & 6th grade reading levels, and for 7th & 8th reading levels.  Lists are posted in the Library, copied to every core teacher, and provided in the links below. 
    In each marking period, students may read up to 3 books from our posted lists; 5th & 6th graders may read from either list, 7th & 8th only from their own list.  They must pass a quiz with 75% or higher; the quizzes are 12-16 questions, T & F, multi-choice, and some short answer.

    During  5th grade Library orientation, all students are informed of this program, including the advantages of reading one of these books for Sustained Silent Reading.  During 5th grade Library FP Arts classes this information is stressed.  In 6th grade, this is reviewed in Reading classes.   All teachers in our building allow students to apply their extra credit in their subjects.  This includes FPArts and PE.

    Quiz scores are graded and stored in the Library.  New quizzes are added on a regular basis.  Mrs. Gargiulo is currently working on 4 more books!
    Here are links to the Library extra credit lists: