• Library Policies   Bookworm

    All students and staff are welcome to use the Middle School Library!  It is open all day every day that school is in session. 

    Students may borrow from 2 to 5 books depending on their grade; books are due in two weeks.  Reference books may be borrowed overnight.  Fines are $.05 per day for regular books and $.25 per day for reference.  If students have an item overdue, or owe a significant fine, they may not borrow books until the obligation is satisfied.  Students are sent notices of obligations in a timely manner, not as a punitive measure but as a reminder.  After the first marking period, students' grades may be withheld if obligations are not met.  Students are encouraged to come to the Library to discuss any problems.  We encourage parents to call or email as well with any concerns. 

    Occasionally parents request restrictions on their own child's reading materials.  While we are not in favor of this, we certainly will honor a parent's instructions. 

    Should you have a question or concern about a book that your child brings home, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Gargiulo, the librarian.  We also enjoy suggestions for purchase.  Mrs. Gargiulo is always delighted to purchase a book that she knows is wanted and will be read! 

       Please read the page attached which is presented to students via their homeroom teachers concerning the Library. Library Policies